"Hannah is simply the best!!  As a busy family of four we have been so appreciative of her expert help in all organizational matters.  She is one of the most talented, energetic, dedicated, style-savvy, pleasant people we’ve ever hired for help with a home project.  Our experiences with her have been consistently stellar and we recommend her without reservation.  Not surpisingly we continue to have projects that are lined up for her next visit. Once you’ve experienced the Hannah effect you too will look forward to finding more things for her to transform" -Liz P.

"Hannah was a LIFE SAVER. Not only did she help organized our half-packed lives when our move got postponed, but she came and helped organize our new house once we moved. It took a lot of the stress out of moving and kept me sane during a very trying time! EVERYTHING in our house is where it should be. She came up with ideas on where things should go that would never have crossed my mind but is the PERFECT place. And the amount she gets done in a day is nothing short of incredible. I cannot recommend her enough" - Erin M.

"Hannah recently spent 5 days helping us pare down, donate and remove 50 years of accumulated “things”. Every closet, cabinet, draw and shelf has been touched. Even the garage has experienced the “Hannah Hand.” Working with her was SUPERB. What a listener! What an informative guide to support us in making good choices in this Herculean effort!! What a wonderful feeling to be able to live with the possessions that have real meaning for us and repurpose others for someone else to make meaning! THANK YOU, Hannah. You are simply the best of the best!" -Joan & John R.

“As someone who considers myself to be neat and highly organized, I was a skeptic. I was 100% wrong. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hannah Lebel from Perfectly Placed Organizing. Say goodbye to rolling water bottles and overstuffed drawers. Hello to more floor space and the most incredible organization systems for every closet and cabinet. I now have a coffee station in my kitchen and enough closet space so I no longer need to switch over seasons of clothing. Hannah added bars to closets and great solutions for shoe storage, basically she finds space where you didn’t see it. In NYC we could all use a little more space! Hannah is a super fast worker and she’s a wiz with power tools! In four days she turned my cramped apartment into paradise! Hannah is a gem!" -Lindsay N.

“Hannah is a master organizer – your life will be transformed once everything is perfectly placed – I’ve become ADDICTED to my sessions with Hannah as she has made every area of my home work so much more efficiently – starting with my clothes and moving to the master bathroom, linen closet and my home office – I cannot wait to start the next project!” -Katherine M,

"I highly recommend Hannah from Perfectly Placed. She is energetic, incredibly efficient and trust-worthy. She has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my home. She independently decluttered nearly every room in my house (Kids bedrooms, bathrooms, playroom, kitchen, office, etc.) as well as helped me implement simple, inexpensive, easy-to-follow organization systems that have saved me time, money and sanity!! I cannot recommend her enough!" -Rachel P.